Maison fondée en 1953
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Gian Maria (Italia), Patricio (Chile), John (South Africa), Christophe (France), Tommaso (Italia), Kobus (South Africa), Nicholas (USA), Michel (France), M. Allary.

Gian Maria, Gian Carlo, Tommaso, Michel (sales agent-France) and Gloriana.

Cédric, Thierry, Marc (Food and safety manager), Jacques, Jerôme, Philippe, Jean Dominique, Kevin, Jean, Stanley, Kevin, Thierry, Thierry (Production manager), Anthony, Christophe, Pascal, Vincent, Jason, Dominique, Alexandre, Philippe, Danick, Didier, Alexandre, Antoine (Apprentice), Sébastien, Ludovic, Christophe. (Off picture: Philippe, Stéphane, Alain, Clément, Serge, Gaëtan (Apprentice), Philippe).

Corinne is our sales agent on the following departments of France: Gironde, Lot, Gers, Pyrénées Atlantiques, Hautes Pyrénées, Tarn.

Christian (sales agent-Gironde), Patricio (sales agent-Chile), M. Liu & James (sales agents-China), Carlos (sales agent-Spain), Tommaso & Gian Maria (sales agents-Italy), Marc (sales agent-China), Nicholas (sales agent-USA), Michel (sales agent-Gironde, Morocco, Lebanon), Vanessa (export assistant), Christophe (sales agent-Languedoc Roussillon and Provence Alpes Côte d'Azur).