Maison fondée en 1953
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The excellence of a family "savoir-faire"

Allary cooperage

The Allary cooperage is a family owned company founded in 1953 by Mr. Roger ALLARY.

Mr Jacky Allary grew up with French oak in his veins, working in the cooperage and mastering every job. In 1992 he earned the title as president of Allary cooperage and he continues to closely manage all aspects of the cooperage with hands on approach.

Since its creation the Allary cooperage embodies the best of French "savoir-faire" the art and the cooperage tradition. The Allary cooperage also values ingenuity and is progressive (meeting the demands of our diverse clientele). Top of the range is the goal for all Allary products. For those lucky to be familiar with our cooperage we consistently rank among the best of all coopers in the world.

In the sixties the cooperage worked especially for the region of Cognac but quickly grew. By the nineties Mr. Allary had a full range of products specializing in the manufacturing of barrels, puncheons, and oak fermentation vats for both wine and cognac industries. Mr. Allary also launched an "Artisan Cooperage" with a full range of products including small barrels from 1L, 5L, and 10L up to 110L.

The Allary cooperage started to export in 1995. Nowadays, we deliver barrels to over 30 countries.

Customer satisfaction is a key component to the Allary philosophy of doing business. With both progression and our customers in mind, Allary is among the very few cooperages to have earned the ISO 22000:2018 certificate, implementing a strict safety and food management procedure followed by every Allary employee.