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Oak Selection

The Allary cooperage uses only first quality clear staves from well-managed ONF (l'Office National des Forêts involved in the sustainable management of the french public forests).
We have a long history of being respectful for forestry management and throughout the years have developed a network of professionals with access to the best oak. We purchase our oak through these few quality suppliers.

Mr Allary selects first quality sawn blocks of oak at the sawmill from the best forests (Centre, Pays de la Loire, Parisian region, Normandie, Vosges...).
Sawn logs in planks, thickness : 54/65mm

For the best seasoning, they then dry several years at open air in our log yard (thirty-six months minimum).

Afterward, the sawn logs are cut into staves to keep only the best part. Heartwood and sapwood are thus removed to avoid potential deformations over time and to enhance watertightness.

Once the moisture level is stabilised between 15% and 17%, manufacturing starts.

The "savoir-faire"


Once woodworking of each stave is done (shortening, planning, joiting, shaping) vat or Foudre shape comes as assembling goes on.
A strong hoop tightening guarantee the watertightness and the solidity of the product.


Every vat and foudre is taosted for an average length between 5 and 7 h in a traditionnal way, using wood shavings to power the fire.
During the heating process, temperature recordings are carried out, in and out of each vat and foudre.
We offer 2 types of toasting :-Medium - long: light-colored aspect, subtle wooden notes, fruit respect and freshness. Suitable for wines. Heavy: colored aspect, more toasted notes, spicy. Suitable for alcohol.


-Careful sanding
-Galvanized steel hoop, can be painted if requested.
-Alimentary microporous varnish to protect the staves and the bottoms.
-Stainless steel equipment

Quality and services


We proceed a water control on each vat and foudre and check its watertightness by filling it entierly under pressure for two days. After the test, the product is drained off and ventilated before packing.
Since 2010, the manufacturing of barrels vats and foudres in oak are ISO 22000 certified. This management system for food safety garantee the traceability of every products used in the manufacturing and allows foudres, vats, barrels to come into contact with foodstuff. Regarding the suitability for contact with food, a document canbe provided upon request.


The involvement of Allary coopers goes further by installing the barrels, foudres and vats at the customer's cellar.
Furthermore, if needed, depending on the cellar constraints, possibility of vats and foudres reassembly on site.


The cooperage team is available to best meet your expectations :
- Needs and constraints of the cellar,
- Custom-made dimension,
- Specific capacity,
- Accessories (Stainless steel..)
For each vat or foudre request, a detailed two-dimensional plan is made, then approved by the customer.