Maison fondée en 1953
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"Savoir-faire" of exception

The respect for the art and the cooperage tradition.

Our savoir-faire begins with sourcing the very best oak from France's most prestigious forests. We have a strong history of being involved with Forestry management and throughout the years have developed a network of professionals with access to the best French oak. We have a precise selection of wood suppliers working in the Center of France and Vosges for wine production and the Limousin forest for spirits. Our American Oak is selected from only a few stave mills specializing in slow growth northern oak.

The Allary family posses generations of experience and passes this knowledge to our master coopers who possess the highest skill set achievable. They are steadily trained to become an expert and develop rigorous skills in order to achieve the quality craftsmanship that embodies the ALLARY name. Four people (with Mr Allary himself) have earned the title of "Meilleur Ouvrier de France" - Top of Class Master Cooper. This French "savoir-faire" is also classified in the Unesco World Heritage Site.

Listening to the needs of our customers we are proud to offer oak barrel alternatives: we have extended our production with premium French oak chips, tank staves and inner staves that are sourced from the same French Oak as we use for our barrels. These products are conclusively at the top of the range for oak alternatives and well noted by our customers.