Maison fondée en 1953
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Ovoïde Foudres

Have the same wine aging functions as a oval foudres but are more esthetic
Made for white wine fermentation or white and red wine aging.
The ovoïde foudre suits every style and wine-growing region.
The wooden impact on the mwine is more subtle than in a barrel due to the lesser surface wood/wine in the foudre.

Foudres are made one by one as per the customer requirements.
From 10hl to 40hl capacity or custom-made.
Regular Ovoïde foudre :

Caracteristics :
--------French oak - tight/medium grains
--------Medium long toast
--------Galvanized hoops
--------Varnished outside
--------Wooden stand

316L stainless steel equipment :
--------Hydraulic bung
--------Oval autoclave door
--------Racking valve*
--------Draining valve*

Customization possibility : hoops color, customer logo.

Optional stainless steel equipments :
--------Valve and bend for racking
--------Cooling/heating system (plate)
--------Thermowell for temperature probe
--------Half-round stainless steel door
--------Wooden door
--------Ladder adapter
--------Wooden stand with adjustable legs
--------Stainless steel stand

* Valves available in several formats :.40 or 50 mm Mâcon, DIN, SMS, Garola, RJT-BSM
-----------------------------------------------------1.5-2 " Triclocer Clamps