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Oak vinegar barrels - small barrel

The Allary cooperage offers a range of vinegar barrels from 3L to 10L. They benefit from over half a century of craftsmanship.

Oak barrels are ideal for a home use.

The large trap on top will leave enough room for cleaning or for removing the mother of vinegar

Range of oak vinegar barrels :

Oak vinegar barrel 3 L
6 L 10 L
Reference V3 V6 V10
Lenght (cm)
24 26 32
Top diameter (cm)
16 21 23
Bottom diamete (cm)
21 26 29

How to make vinegar :

- From wine

  • Fill in the vinegar barrel with wine up to 2cm from the top
  • Plunge a burning cinder into the wine
  • The cinder will burn out in the wine
  • The mother of vinegar will slowly start developing

Advice : The vinegar barrel must be kept in a heated room / at room temperature. A kitchen would be the most appropriate room to store a vinegar barrel

- From the mother of vinegar

  • Pour about 1 L of vinegar into the vinegar barrel
  • Put the mother of vinegar on top of the wine
  • Renew after a month and until the vinegar barrel is full

Advice : If you do not have a fireplace or a barbecue in order to get cinder, some drugstores and wine-making stores carry mycoderma aceti (used to turn wine into vinegar)

For any orders or information requests, please contact:
Karine - Tonnellerie Allary
Tél. +33 (0)5 46 49 14 59